Sticking To Your Four Day Diet

4 day diet results to what? Ideally, this nutritional program aims to give us the option on how we can become fit, lose weight, and stay healthy in its grandest sense. However, we must understand this is not an overnight transformation. The four day diet is basically our jump-start to achieve our goal by transitioning our food preference which eventually provide us the opportunity to change our lifestyle as well.

To begin with, we must understand that this regimen is very fundamental in nature. First, we must first identify our current eating habits. What do we eat on breakfast, lunch, dinner and in-between if there are any? Second, which among those items can we reduce our consumption? Can we instruct ourselves that instead of eating a full cup of rice and can we eat half instead? If it is done religiously then we can observe that our body is slowly becoming leaner by quite some time.

Third, which among our consumed foods can be substituted with much healthier alternative? For example, instead of using animal-based cooking oil perhaps we can replace it with plant-based oils such as canola, soya or corn. Another example would be using tofu instead of using meat products as a source of protein.

If you can do these, then there is no need for you do to calorie counting. However, to maximize its full potential you must also equip yourself with exercise and other healthy living habits such as non-smoking, etc.

Moving forward, four day diet plan does not require you to become a vegan (vegetarian). However, becoming such would be better as well. The four diet plan resembles or serves as our reminder to consume foods as prescribed in the food pyramid. The right foods and in proper proportions are the only things that we need.

4 Day Diet in TV shows

Becoming healthy, fit and sexy are the main reasons why reality health related TV shows are becoming a hit nowadays such as the Celebrity Fit Club and Biggest Loser, just to name a few. Aside from a controlled environment, it is important to note their so-called transformational regiments including the 4 day diet.

Basically, the 4 day diet does not mean you will become slim within the said duration. Rather, it is composed of menu programs, wherein should be followed strictly for at least 4 days. Different authors developed their own procedures; but what are common among them are the following steps.

First, there is a need to cleanse our body. Drinking water is the immediate solution to it. As much as possible, avoid colored and flavored liquids. It is because these contain sugar which could add up carbohydrates to our body. If you can minimize or reduce your eating pattern, the better so that you will be able to train your stomach to the next step.

Second, we need to have a balanced diet. But don’t do this overnight. You can start by either replacing soft drinks with fresh fruit juices or instead of having an ice cream as dessert why not eat fruits as an alternative. Once you are already comfortable with these changes then try shifting your main dish preference for example, instead of eating pork why not try fish, or from meat lover to a tofu lover.

Third, we need to discipline our “timing of eating.” What we mean by this is to monitor our eating schedule. How much do we need to consume in morning, noon and evening?

Finally, what makes those reality TV as life transforming agent successfully is the off-seen scenarios such as their exercise activities, good and strict sleeping patterns and uncomparable personal hygienes.

The Four Day Diet Book: Your Guide to a Healthy Life

The Bible is a powerful piece of literature that can change the lives of many. It advices people on how to act in certain fashion and situation. Like, the bible if we want to be reborn in a healthy condition then we must subscribe to our own (bible) the “four day diet book”.

Like the Bible, don’t take it literally. The message in this book entails full understanding and obedience. It is called four day diet because each section (of the book) should be followed religiously for at least four days. It is because we need to discipline ourselves, to help our body adjusts to new eating patterns and to avoid digestive and other maladies.

Once we get started, we must follow these strict regiments.

First, we need to detoxify or cleanse our body or what we call the Induction stage. As much as possible, we need to adapt a vegan or fruitarian lifestyle until we lose some pounds. With regards your weight loss, it is highly advisable to consult a doctor to determine the ideal weight for each of us.

Second, we need to go to the transition stage, wherein we need to have a balance diet. Nutritionists around the world have come up with the so-called Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for each food group.

Third, we undertake protein stretch. In this stage, we reduce our consumption of carbohydrate-rich food and focus more on eating meat and vegetables. This is to help our synthesize protein for muscle development.

Fourth, we go into the smooth stage, wherein there is a total ban for forbidden foods such as chips, pizza and other healthy ones.

Fifth, we must be already in the push stage; wherein we follow a stricter diet program. It now includes reduction in food consumption aside from avoidance of unhealthy foods.

Sixth, we are now ready for the pace stage, wherein our body has adjusted to the diet plan.

Finally, the vigorous stage wherein we are now completely transformed to a healthy living.

It must be understood that the four day diet book is not a standalone factor. We still need to do exercise, sleep regularly and believe with our guiding principle.

The 4day Diet: Lose Weight by Resisting Temptations

Probably one of the most difficult things to do in life is to resist temptation. If you tell somebody not to read a particular book, in all likelihood, he’ll be thumbing through the pages before you can even stop him. The human mind seems to be wired in such a way that it will direct the body to do what it’s been told not to. Hard as it is to do though, we must learn the skill of resisting temptation and all the pleasure it brings if we want to achieve bigger goals in life.

When it comes to diet and losing weight, the same principle applies. Dr. Ian K. Smith, a popular diet expert, says in his book “The 4 Day Diet” that “Losing weight is 80 percent mental and 20 percent physical”. If you want to successfully keep the pounds at bay, you must learn to muster enough willpower to say no to the lure of temptation. But how do we manage to do this? Is it at all possible?

Dr. Smith says that in order to fight any form of temptation, you must let your mind take the lead. It isn’t called the “head” for nothing, right? When you give in to temptation, your mind temporarily loses its winning streak at resisting urges. Your mind is in a constant battle with your cravings, so if you want your mind to win, you must focus and set your sights on winning.

One way to do that is to keep telling yourself that if you give in to the momentary pleasure that slice of decadent chocolate cake may give you, your abs or thighs will have to pay for it in the long run. It’s all about delaying gratification. Just think about the greater benefits you’ll gain if you hold off on those pleasures for now.

Facing the Weight Loss Roadblock

Losing weight is one of the roadblocks that many dieters and dieters-to-be are facing in spite of the fact that there are so many diet plans you can find. Yet on the other hand, almost all of the diet plans is just full of hype and are loaded with convincing infomercials. And one of them is the 4 day diet plan which is simply not going to end at four days but simply a series of several modules that you need to follow. Yet, in fairness to the author, it is indeed much easier to focus on short term goals rather than on what you can achieve or not be eating in several weeks or months.

That is what the (4 day diet plan) Ian Smith Sample Menu offers. It provides a unique approach that might change and keep the interest of dieters to move on to their goal. He further claimed that diets don’t fail people and it’s the other way around, people fail diets. Whether you believe it or not, it does make sense in many aspects especially in mental conditioning, your commitment and determination in achieving the goal.

It is also indeed true that there are so many weight loss programs in the market telling you that it is the most effective way to lose weight yet a lot tends to get bored of the monotony of doing the same thing all throughout the process. This is one of the aspects that the 4 day diet is advertising. You won’t be eating the same foods during each of the seven phases that may deter the psychological factor that is necessary in enhancing the chance of success in dealing with the diet plan. And in the end, it still needs an exercise program for it is vital in any weight loss strategy.

4 day Diet x 7

Lucky are those people who are trying real hard to gain weight and build a good physique, because a lot are still in search for the best diet plan that will suit them. The 4 Day Diet is one of the known diet plans, but you should not be mislead by the diet's name. It does not mean that you will lose weight in just four days.

This diet is actually consists of seven modules; each module will last for 4 days. This means that the entire diet would last for 28 days. The expected weight loss in the 4 Day Diet is between 10 - 12 pounds. This diet plan aims to "tame the temptations"; each module will focus on specific foods without worrying about calorie counting.

The diet plan was conceptualized by Dr. Ian K. Smith and according to him, people are having a hard time finishing the diet plan because of the monotony in food intake. Since it is divided into seven modules or phases, it will vary on food intake of the dieters and also there are specific exercise recommendations for each phase.

The first phase of the diet aims to remove toxins in the body. Phase 2 is the Transition stage; this is where a new way of eating is introduced. The Phase 3 is what they call as Protein Stretch; lean meats are added to the diet.

The fourth phase of the diet is the Smooth stage. By this time your body has adopted to healthy eating habit. Phase 5 or Push is the stage wherein your food intake is brought back to restrictions in preparation for the final stage of the diet regimen. Sixth stage, also known as Pace, allows you once again for few more food intakes. The final phase or the Vigorous is the strict stage of the diet to help you lose more weight.

Some Types of Diet

Diet is just four words but has many meanings. Normally, diet connotes or signifies the word FAT. What most people miss is that diet applies to all, not only for the obese but also for the thin. You can be thin, you may have a model-like body but it doesn't mean that you are healthy. Even patients in the hospital were given their specific diet while they are confined.

People might not know it but having a good diet or checking what they are eating is a good way of having a healthy body. Being obese is bad simply because it has bad effects to ones health.

Obesity can reduce one's life expectancy and increases the possibility of having different sickness such as diabetes, heart problems and difficulty in breathing. Obesity can be prevented and can be fought through exercise and proper diet.

Most obese people might think that it is hard to lose weight because exercising is tedious, aside from that, in doing such exercises will not make them lose weight easily. Some even tried to use weight loss pills in the hope of losing fats easily. But losing the fats one has gained through the years of eating is not like having a bad dream that when he wakes up it is all gone.

Even applying or using crash diet doesn't mean one can lose all the fats that are stored in his body. There is no way to lose weight fast and if ever there is, it is not safe. Obesity might not only reduce one's life expectancy and using quick weight lose ways may end one's life right away. There are different kinds of diet such as South Beach diet, Atkins diet, Cabbage Soup diet and 4 day diet. These are not quick losing weight diets but it can definitely help in fighting obesity.